How do I experience the best possible and most intense QHHT Session?

First of all, everyone can be hypnotized. When you go to a QHHT Session with the thought that it will not work with you, you only make it more difficult for yourself. Your experience will not be as rich as you would like. Believe me, everyone can be hypnotized. You are hypnotized every day, while watching your mobile phone (and don’t take notice of your surroundings). Al lot op people watch  TV. Your television is a a mass hypnosis device that gets you in hypnosis within 60 hypnosis. Read more about TV and hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a trance state of mind where your brain is vibrating at a different frequency. Your normal awake frequency is Beta, when you are meditating (or experiencing a certain flow) you will reach Alpha or Theta (deeper). When you are asleep you will be at delta. Read more about brain waves.

Wiki: ‘’Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. The term may also refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis.’’

During the hypnosis you will also be there yourself, you are not asleep. Some people experience it as a film that takes place in their head or looking at memories of the past.

With the questions that your ‘QHHT practitioner’ asks you, you will experience more and more of your past life and it becomes more clear why your higher self is showing you this particular life.

Optimal QHHT experience

If you want to experience the richest experience, you will have to ‘park’ all ‘rational objections’ until after the session. I can guarantee you that during the QHHT session you will not be able to come up with something that does not exist for you. What you see is authentic and real!

Your life

While talking beforehand to the hypnosis session, we will discuss your life and the issues that have bothered you in your life. This is good to know in perspective of  your ‘life lesson’ and the people you now have in your life with whom you may already have experienced several lives.

Write down your questions!

Start writing your questions a week in advance. Your higher self will be activated to guide you with your questions to ask.. And pay attention to your dreams. Once you made the decision to book the session your mind is already preparing for it! Preferably print them, if you don’t have a printer you can mail them to me, so I can print them.

For example:

Keep this order:

Life / spiritual questions (purpose in life, path, etc.)

What is my goal in life? Am I on the right track?
I experienced something in my life. (Dreams, meetings, etc.)
What was it and why did it happen?

Relationship questions

Is my partner or family member my soul mate or is he / she a part of my soul group?
I have difficulty with the relationship with (my partner, child, brother / sister or mother, why is this and how can it be healed?

Career questions

I am not satisfied with my job / school – do I have to stop and find something else?
What could I do better?
Health-related questions
Why am i experiencing pain here or there, why am I allergic to cats or why do I suffer from this disease?
Why can’t I lose weight?

Set the intention to have a great session!

The intention to have a great session is the key! Once you have made the decision to book a hypnosis session, your Higher Self prepares to communicate with you. Thoughts and energy will automatically flow to you to prepare you for our session.

Come alone

You can’t take anyone with you in our session. This is  because of the fact that you subconsciously may be more ‘reserved’  than without that person.  You would not achieve optimal results if you are inhibited.

You will receive the recording immediately after the session and you will receive a log in to be able to listen to your recording online. You will listen to the recording several times at home to get the best results. The memory of your previous life and the conversation with the higher self during the session can sometimes fade away as a dream. All details are important, also that which the higher self tells you.

Caffeine and diet

Limit the use of caffeine a few days days before our session. Try to limit the intake of caffeine on the day of  our session as much as possible. If you normally drink 3 cups, try to drink only 1 if that works for you. The intention is to experience a wonderful deep state of relaxation. A healthy and possibly ‘vegan’ diet (fruit and vegetables) is always recommended.

No (recreational) drugs or alcohol

Do not drink alcohol the night before and the day of our session. Our session will not take place if you are influenced by drugs, alcohol or other substances that change the level of consciousness. Do not take pills or supplements to relax! This can jeopardize the success of the session. Be sure to take your medication which you normally would take.

Practice relaxation / visualization prior to the session

Take enough relaxation. Take a walk to clear your head or meditate. If you need some visualization exercises, let me know then I’ll send you some.

Have a good night’s rest

Meditate if possible, do so on the morning or the day of our appointment to get a clear head. If you do not meditate normally, do something relaxing, take a relaxing walk, dance, sing or listen to soothing music.

What to eat / drink

The session can last up to 7 hours (sometimes a bit shorter or longer), so eat something light before you arrive for your session. Maybe you also want a snack after the session … Do not forget to drink water! Water.  Our session will not be affected when you have to go to the toilet during our session.

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