Archangel Michael activations

(20-11 in het Nederlands)

Did you like the DNA upgrades? Then you will love this!

Sandra will channelling Archangel Michael especially for you.

Michael will collaborate in special activations for specific energetic changes we can use at that moment in the shift of Gaia. These energetic activations will help us evolve and grow energetically as Gaia helps us through the ascension.

Archangel Michael is available for this period of time and will be accompanied by the White Avians from time to time. The activations will be channeled and will feel like a deep meditation where different energy points are ‘touched’. It is possible that you feel energetic changes during and after the session that will shift your body even higher in frequency. Every time you join, you will get exactly what you need at that time. The outcome can be different for everybody.

Sandra and Archangel Michael will be doing these in English so they can reach a even larger audience. The sessions will be held via webinar software that is so easy to operate, anyone can listen to it!

There will be a replay for 14 days. All sessions are available on demand after the session so even if you were not there, you are still able to view the sessions of earlier dates. Also good to remember, the activations are linked to each other. There is no such thing as a quick fix. But of course you can just do one session. We advise you to be around every session you can follow, just to get the most out of this beautiful progress.
The cost of the session is € 11,11 

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cadeautje voor jou!