You will help yourself go in hypnosis through a guided visualization, (and/or other hypnosis techniques i use), listening to my voice deeper and deeper into a “trance” state. Your brain waves will then be equal to the state you are in when you almost fall asleep. The theta state. A deep form of hypnosis in which it is possible to see past lives and talk to the higher self.

No, you don’t fall asleep. I will keep talking to you constantly to bring back the best memories. We are actively engaged with each other for at least 1 to 2 hours during hypnosis.

Yes for sure! There is a special method for getting you out of it. Not the so-called ‘snap with the fingers’, like on TV. It is slow and with policy. You feel refreshed and awake afterwards. It is important not to go to sleep immediately afterwards. It may be that you fall asleep too deeply, that might result in you feeling blurry from the deep state you were in. When you get home, it is best to go to bed after the session at the normal time.

Yes you can! You can ask anything you want. Many people want to know what their purpose is in this life. Their life lesson and who they already know from a past life. You can ask questions about your health, your spiritual development, your career, children and partner (as long as it is about your relationship with them). You can ask anything. Your higher self has all the answers to everything you would like to know!

Sure! It’s okay if you don’t meditate. If you can visualize or fantasize. Thinking in images, feelings, knowing or hearing (clear audio) helps a lot. Just think of your ideal holiday and try to get as much details as yuo can. Do you already see it, a beach or that mountain range? Or maybe that hotel room? In the hypnosis session we will visit memories of this life of a past life.

Yes it is possible for everyone, regardless of religion or background. Hypnosis and regression has nothing to do with a religion, belief or background.

Yes you can. You can just take what you are supposed to take. However, drugs and alcohol are not allowed the day before and during the session. Not even hashies or weed!

No, that is not allowed, it is best to just have them wait at home until the you are ready. The session lasts approximately 5 to 7 hours in total.

Yes that is allowed. I also record the session (audio), which I will send to you afterwards, but you can also make recordings yourself.

Often complaints and discomforts / diseases are in line with what you have to learn. Your higher self warns you to take action. We can ask the higher self where the discomfort comes from and why you had to experience this. We can then ask for healing. The higher self CAN HEAL EVERYTHING. Often the time is there that you can receive a healing during the session. If the higherself agrees they will do everything to heal you during the session. Then it is up to you, do you believe that what is done was real? Do you listen to the message or fall into your old habits ..

No not entirely. Many of us have lived many, many lives. During the session we will view at least 1. We look at that life that you have to learn from in this life from where we can discover the lesson of life and the purpose of life. We ask your higher self to show that life what is relevant for your life now.

No absolutely not. Some people don’t even feel they are in hypnosis. For example, you can open your eyes, talk, laugh, walk etc. Hypnosis means that you are in a different state of consciousness. In this state it is possible (if you allow this) to access information that you consiously do not know anymore. You are also open in this state to receive information and new suggestions that can heal you. This provides healing at very deep levels in your body.

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