What can you expect from this day?

By (group) regression we mean the kind of hypnosis regression as you would get when you were in a QHHT session for example. Only this time you are with a Group of people and you do not have the 1 on 1 attention of the practioner.

The difference is that you are not personally guided through your experience. When you have a 1 on 1 session, i can guide you personally and I will ask you what you are experiencing at all times. This way I can help you discover a storyline by specifically skipping to sections (in your experience) that are relevant to you and the message your higher self wants to tell you.

When we do this as a group, it may be that you have the same beautiful experiences as in a QHHT session but than shorter and more on the surface. Of course there is no telling upfront what you will experience!

The script I use in the group sessions is also slightly different than in the 1 on 1 sessions but will be just as beautiful, of course.

How do we do that?

We will be present in a lovely avenue, a dance school in Den Haag, where we are all on yoga mats with pillows, under a blanket (with a sleep mask on). I will spreak to you according to a certain ‘script’ which will lead you into hypnosis. (the same way like in the 1 on 1 sessions.) Hypnosis can be reagarded as a altered state of consciousness. This altered state of counsiousness helps you to get the experiences which can not be easily accessed through your conscious mind. You will not be completly ‘gone’, your consious mind will be more on the backgound.

What to expect from that?

What everyone can expect on an individual level is difficult to forsee. There are people who do not experience, see or feel anything. This often has to do with ‘allowing’ to let go and / or the ability to visualize. If  you have difficulty visualising, you can practice it before you start a (group) session, this can be of great help! If you have difficulty in ‘surrendering / believing in yourself and letting go, it can be difficult to experience something the first time in a (group) session. Fortunately, this can be remedied by practice.

Yes, most people have an experience. This can vary from a very beautiful ‘story’ with deeper meaning or a re-experience of certain emotions / images that are worth visiting again according to your higherself. You get what you need, (that can differ form what you want)…

So it may just be that you end up in a past life! We are going to send you to find out why you saw that and what you should take with you in your current life. There is always a message, whatever you experience!

Who can attend?

The group sessions are for anyone who is interested in his/her (past) lifes and beond that. For anyone who wants to know more about these topics, for everyone who likes to meditate with the goal of learning more about themselves. For anyone who wants or has had a QHHT session. You can be a beginner or advanced, it does not matter. Every time you do this kind of thing it will be easier to make contact with that part where all this information is stored!

Contact with the higher self

Afterwards fors ome people it will be easier to contact the higher self. I will help you with tips and tricks how to reach out to your higher self on a daily base.

Connection with like-minded people

You can sometimes feel isolated when you can not connect with others with the same interests. This  will be a day where you make time for yourself and get the chance to connect with like-minded people. Anyway, a wonderfully relaxing day!

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