How do i prepare?

Set the intention

Start by setting your intent.

Why do you want this session and what do you hope to get out of it?

Make an appointment and plan the rest of your day and evening off so that you can enjoy the ‘vibe’ afterward.

Food and drink

Start by replacing 1 cup of coffee (cafeïne) by decaf or tea. Every time you succeed you can leave out more coffee or replace another cup by cafeïne free beverages.

The goal is to take as little cafeïne as you can. Especially the three days before the session. Stopping or decreasing your cafeïne intake is also recommended for the period after the session.

Preferably audio? Listen here:
The video and audio are in English!  

or download here

Cafeïne sometimes makes it more difficult to reach the Apha and Theta state. With many people, cafeïne causes a busy head, ‘the monkey mind’, (which you do not need when you go through a session or when you are meditating).

Stop with alcohol and drugs at least 1 day before the session (preferably a week). On the day and evening before your session it is highly recommended that you do not take any alcohol or drugs. Also no hash or weed!

Do not try to eat meat for a week. If you still eat meat, choose chicken or fish. This helps to increase your frequency. Stopping alcohol also increases your frequency. The higher your frequency, the higher the messages that you get from your higher self.

The questions

In the beginning of the day we will go over jouw life. From your youth until now. We have about half an hour for that. Then we move on to your questions. Start by writing down your questions. Bring your 10 questions to keep the quality high. (There is a maximum of 10). We want to go into as much details as possible. When you have more questions, it becomes more difficult to get into more detail. Do you have more questions, put them at the bottom of your sheet with the header ‘extra questions’ .. If there is still energy left, I wil make sure i will ask those extra questions!

I have experienced that some people have energy for 1.5 hours into the session, some can even reach the 2 hours. Send your questions digitally to me per e-mail or print them out yourself.

Practicing visualization

Start at least one week in advance, preferably longer with the visualization meditation you find on this page. The 30-minute exercise will stimulate your ability to visualise/perceive. This helps a lot! If you are not good at it or if the visualization excercise is not yet as successful, practice as often as possible.

Be mindfull of the fact that if you are not able to visualise/see, that maybe you perceive in in different way. Maybe you perceive by just knowing, feeling or hearing. Not everybody is visual. The other ways of perceiving are also ok!

You can do a test (klick here) to see if you need practice, this quiz can help you determine what type of “thinker” you are. The result can ultimately help you with insights that can increase your skills so that you will have a more intense QHHT experience.

If you find it difficult to stop drinking coffee, meat and alcohol, no problem. Do what you can and let it go. These are tips not hard requirements. Even without stopping or decreasing you will of course have a nice session.

And then some administration to take care of…

Please fill out the agreement form below. (click on the button) You can print out the PDF or you can fill it out digitally. Make sure you do this before the day of your session! The payment is due at a maximum of 7 days before the appointment. You will recieve a mail with a link. You can also pay cash on the day of the session. If you want to pay cash, you can ignore the mail with the link and pay when we are done that day.

The full (remaining) payment for the session is made  digitally 7 days before or cash immediately after the session. The session can not be cancelled after 7 days beofte the session starts. Don’t worry there is room for execption in some cases. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through the whole page. I am looking forward meeting you and facilitating your beautiful session!

Watch the video below to hear about how the day will go!

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