Online session 1 on 1

Would you really like a session, but would you rather not leave the house during this time? Or would you rather not travel that long? There are now also online hypnosis regressions. These sessions are almost the same as the regular sessions. The only difference is that we see each other through the computer screen and not in person.

This way we can also easily hang out all day, have good conversations and have a nice in-depth session with great insights. So you don’t have to leave your home or cancel your appointment because you are sneezing!

We meet in the morning, preferably around 10 am. Then I will send you a link to my zoom meeting and we will start the intake. We can see each other and talk just as well as we would live.

It is even more comfortable because you are in your own environment. you have a chance that you can sink even deeper into the hypnotic state! In the afternoon we both can have a lunch and after lunch we start with the induction. (The introduction of hypnosis)

You listen to me on your headphones while I use the exact script of Dolores Cannon. By listening to me directly through your headphones while you are lying in your own bed or sitting in your comfortable chair, you will reach the hypnotic state. (You don’t fall asleep!)

I guide you through your past lives and talk to your higher self. No physical contact is required for this, i my live sessions i use the exact same tecnique.

After the session we will discuss the outcome and I can help you with the questions you may have after getting these special insights. The good thing is that you don’t have to drive home after the session, but you can settle down on your own couch. How nice is that!

I will send you the recording of the session the same day so that you can listen to this recording (and/or watch the video) and integrate the messages into your life.

What do I need for this

A stable internet connection, preferably via cable. (If you do not have it, i can help you) If you still want to use WiFi, it is wise to do a test zoom on forehand with me so we know your WiFi is stable.

You need a computer, laptop or tablet with a webcam on or a posibility where you can connect a separate webcam.

You need privacy for the duration of the session and a place where you can lie comfortably where you can put your computer, laptop or tablet so that we can keep in touch during the session and where I can see you.

And finally, you need earphones or headphones so you can focus on my voice.

This form works just as well as the live version, but may be even more pleasant given the current events. Also if you normally have to travel from far, this is a very nice option.

You’re welcome!

After booking the online session, I will contact you by email with tips on preparation and I will send you a link so you can pay online.

We canĀ  test the technique in advance together (zoom software, the webcam, the place where you want to lie and your headphones) to see if everything is in order for the day itself. If there is still something there is enough time to arrange something.

No that does not happen. That is also not the case with the live sessions. I keep talking to you just like in the live sessions.

The internet connection is now so steady that it actually no longer occurs. To make this even more unlikely, it is best to use the cable. You can do that by placing an internet cable from your modem to your laptop. (they have 20 meters at bol.com)

Maybe you will go even deeper because you are in your own house your familiar environment. This may allow you to sink even deeper into the beautiful hypnotic state.

You get as much guidance as you would have in a live session. We extensively talk via the webcam were we can see each other. There is no difference in this. Also afterwards when you are comming out of the session again, we will talk until you feel completely grounded again. The best thing is that you do not have to drive home, but can settle down on the couch, great!

Yes! It is evenbetter because I can easily film it this way. You will receive the video of your session as soon as possible after your session so that you can see the whole thing. That is really convenient!

Do you have another question? Contact me by mail, telephone or whatsapp.

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