Quiz Left- or righ-Brained

Left- or right-brained 'thinker'

This quiz can help you determine what type of “thinker” you are. The result can ultimately help you increase your skills so that you will have a more intense and better QHHT experience.

There are several types of “thinkers”.
  • People who see videos and pictures in their heads the typical image thinker.
  • People who don’t really “see” it, but know and / or feel it, they perceive it!
  • And people who think more in words and don’t see or feel something easily.

How you take in information can be characteristic of the intensity of your QHHT session. There are namely left and right-brained “thinkers” (and the people who both have of course). The left-brained “thinkers” are more analytically oriented, the right-brained”thinkers” are more intuitively oriented. All types are of course ok! However, the left-brained “thinkers” could use a little more exercise for a more intense experience.

Orientation left or right

If you have an orientation to the left-brain or to the right-brain, there is always a possibility to sharpen your skills of the other half. There are also people who have the left- and the right-brain in balance.

Are you a typical right-brained “thinker” and are you busy with visualizing / fantasizing almost every day, then you don’t necessarily have to practice.

Are you a typical left-brained “thinker”, then consider practicing as much as possible before entering the QHHT session. This will help you enormously in your experience!

If you are in between, if you are a combi, consider practicing a little, it can only make your QHHT experience more intense.

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