My new and light office space is in the former Diaconesse hospital. However, not at the main entrance.

It is best to add Fonteynenburghlaan 4, Voorburg to your navigation.
Please do not ring at number 4, this is only for navigation purposes. The building officially is number 5, but navigating to number 4 helps you to locate the parking lot.

You will arrive at theĀ  personell car park at the side entrance of the former hospital. You can just drive up and park there. When you come by public transport you can wait there. I will pick you up by the fence.

Can you call me when you arrive so i can walk you to my space? I often meditate until 9:55 am so when you call before that time i might now hear your call. I will be with you as soon as possible! My phone number is 0651069209

See you soon!

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cadeautje voor jou!