A typical QHHT session

A typical QHHT session..

A QHHT session can be 4 to 6 hours but sometimes a bit shorter or longer. A session is € 395, – including VAT. In 99% of the cases people arrive at 10 o’clock and leave at 4 o’clock.

On this important day you do not want to rush, so we start at 10 am.

We then start getting acquaintanced. We talk, eat and drink together. With the intention that you are comfortable and relaxed and that I know enough about your wishes so that I can get the right information for you when you are in hypnosis!

This can easily take 2 hours sometimes shorter, sometimes a bit longer. (This time is very important. I know not every practitioner will invest so much time in you, but i know from experience that this is crucial to the depth of your experience. A lot of clients tell me they are more relaxed and they experience a much deeper session with me that with other practitioners!

You can think of questions such as:

Is a white butterfly a sign of my deceased grandmother?
I have suffered from eczema / joints for years, where did that come from?
Do I know my partner from a previous life?
Why am I not able to stop smoking?
What can I eat and drink best?
My daughter has a lot of tantrums, what is that about?
What is my lesson in this life?
What is the purpose of this life?
Have I made the right career choice?
etc etc ..
This is an example to ask to give an idea what issues you can ask for. You can ask anything! Especially important is writing them all down.  You do not want to discover that you forgot something afterwards.

It’s personal

We do the session together. After all, it is your personal session. The personal information that you share with me and that comes out during the session I will never share with anyone else. I may ask afterwards if you want to share the non/private parts of your session. If you do, thats up to you. Some information is too beautiful not to share!
If everything has been said between us, we will go through the questions that you have prepared at home. The days or weeks before the session you write down all the questions you want to ask your higher self or subconscious.
When we have gone through all the questions we take a bite to eat and have a drink if needed.

The start

Then we go to the practice room where you will find a comfortable bed with clean sheets. There you take place and make yourself comfortable. I will pin a microphone to ensure that the audio of the session is recorded so that you can listen to the session several times afterwards. If you want i can film the session aswel.
Listening to the session afterwards is very important. Every time you listen to the session, there is more healing. Also, not everyone can always remember everything what is said in the session. This is normal. Sometimes some people know everything what happened some people don’t.

After the session

After the session you will be brought ‘back to earth’ in a pleasant way and you will wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. Then we talk a little afterwards, to feel completly grounded you may eat something and you can go home. I always take my time and will make sure that you are safe driving home or walking to the bus or tram.

You do not need to bring food. If you have a special diet or allergies please bring some yourself…

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